International Shipping


Global Shipping Services Out of Pensacola

Looking to ship overseas? Our team makes it easy to ship equipment, furniture, artwork, collectibles, or exhibition materials anywhere in the world.

We coordinate the safe, damage-free, and on-time delivery of your global shipments.

“Bug Stamp” Crates

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, or ISPM 15, is the heat or fumigation treatment of wood to ensure it isn’t carrying pests. ISPM 15 heat-treated wood crates are packaged to meet international shipping standards and all documentation is completed. The “bug stamp” means the crate is certified to meet international ocean shipping standards. Without it, customs may destroy your shipment.

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Delivery Options and Shipping Services

  • Door-to-Port & Port-to-Port
  • LCL Shipping (Less than Container Load shipping)
  • FCL shipping (Full Container Load Shipping)
  • Ocean freight services
  • Shipping insurance coverage
  • Moisture-prevention bagging
  • Complete documentation and customs forms completion
  • ISPM 15 certified wood crates

Ocean Shipping

Shipping items overseas requires special care in the crating and packaging. Moisture proofing, vapor barrier bagging, and cushioning for the entire transportation journey must be taken into consideration. International shipping is more complicated than domestic, especially when unique, oversized, fragile, or awkward items require safe passage.

Experts in international shipping, Craters & Freighters has the knowledge, experience and attention to detail required to get your items safely overseas, and/or back home. We are the professionals to call for your needs with ocean shipping.

Equipment Shipping

Advances in logistics, crating and packaging have made international shipping more accessible than ever before. Barriers to shipping large equipment have been reduced and it is now possible for organizations to capitalize on and grow into foreign markets.

However, the chance for items to be damaged, lost, or stuck in customs is still a reality, which is why working with a company that specializes in equipment shipping is so important.

Logistics and Shipping Experts

When it comes to global equipment shipping, partnering with the right company is critical. Our robust network and expertise allow us to provide a smooth experience. For three decades, we have been supporting individuals and organizations with their international ocean shipping needs.

Trust and rely on Craters & Freighters for your equipment shipping to Europe, Asia, and beyond. As a complete, one-stop logistics provider, we will provide the documentation, packaging, crating, and transportation needed to get your shipments to their destination on budget, on time, and damage-free.

International Commercial Terms

Referred to as “Incoterms”, the International Commercial Terms cover the costs, responsibilities and risks associated with international shipping. They are crucial in preparing to ship items overseas, and if not clearly documented, can create liability and unforeseen expenses.

Documentation includes:

  • Origin of shipment
  • Destination of shipment
  • Item description
  • Size and weight of shipment
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list with HTS codes (Harmonized Tariff Schedule)
  • Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI)

Additionally, the logistics company will want to know:

  • Your timeline and/or time constraints
  • Insurance requirements and value of the item(s)
  • Crating needs (brought in or on-site crating)
  • Packaging needs (anti-static, vapor barrier, cushioning, etc.)
  • Tracking requirements
  • Delivery protocol
  • Financial responsibility for the shipment

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