Military & Government Shipping


Crating & Shipping for Military & Government in Northwest Florida

Craters & Freighters in Pensacola has extensive experience with federal, state, and local government entities, military contractors, and all branches of the military including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. While many branches handle their own logistics, when there is a need for outside specialty crating, they trust us to take care of their packaging and shipping.

Fully Compliant Military Crating Services​

Every government contract has requirements based on the specification MIL-STD-2073-1. These include:

  • Quantity per unit pack & per intermediate pack
  • Preservative material to be applied & preservation method
  • Cleaning and drying procedure
  • Cushioning, wrapping, and barrier materials
  • Packing level, Outer shipping container
  • Barcoding & RFID

We ensure compliance with all requirements, including decoding, using the correct spec materials, applying them correctly, preserving, packaging, packing, and marking in accordance with all the relevant specifications.

Military & Government Packaging, Crating & Shipping Services

In need of compliant shipping containers? We can provide crating boxes that meet any military, government, or ASTM specification. This includes ASTM-D6251, ASTM-D6880, ASTM-D6256, and ASTM-D7478. We also provide spec pallets and skids.

Our packaging engineers use a comprehensive strategy for packing, labeling and crating every item we prepare for transport. As a premier logistics company, we are a one-stop-shop for crating, packing and shipping for Mil-Spec and other needs.

  • MIL-Spec packaging & crates, pallets and load bases
  • ASTM-style crates
  • Wooden boxes, slat crates, open crates, hood-style crates
  • Aerospace packaging
  • Hard shell cases
  • Dangerous goods shipping

Customized crates can be built at one of our 65+ locations, or on-site if needed. Our blocking, bracing, cushioning and wrapping solutions ensure asset safety during transport. We can also provide specialized services for WAWF, VSM, SIR and CAV.

Overseas Shipping and Crating

Shipments of military assets from the US abroad require adherence to ISPM 15 regulations. These regulations ensure pests and parasites aren’t transported along with cargo. Wood pallets and crates must be documented and inspected. The “bug stamp” is recognized by custom officials to confirm the wood has met the appropriate standards, and failure to do so could result in the shipment being destroyed.

Each of our 65+ Craters and Freighters locations is certified and inspected with a unique “bug stamp” which provides confidence that our crates will safely pass through customs in a timely manner.

No Limitations on Size

Shipping heavy, awkward, large, expensive, or sensitive equipment requires the kind of expertise of a professional logistics team. Craters & Freighters has over 30 years of shipping expertise to offer for all shipping needs, regardless of size.

Rely on our professionals to handle your unique crating and shipping needs, domestic or abroad. As industry leaders with national and global networks, our comprehensive services provide far more than experience. Our customer service, professionalism and specialized skill and equipment will help you get the job done.

Well-versed in designing containers and packaging that prevent moisture, abrasion, vibration, and damage, we get your shipment to its destination damage-free.

Why Craters & Freighters?

  • Over 30 years of crating and shipping experience
  • Knowledge of Military and Government shipping and crating regulations
  • State-of-the-art custom crates
  • Quality packing materials for every type of shipment
  • Compliance to local and international shipping regulations

The military shouldn’t have to deal with tracking lost shipments or worrying about damaged goods. We handle shipping details so you can focus on the other important tasks you were trained for. Craters & Freighters has the time and resources to handle all the logistics for specialty crating, packaging, labeling, and documentation for domestic or international shipping.

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