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Some items are too large or too heavy for corrugated (“cardboard”) packaging. It is not feasible to use corrugated packaging in these instances due to the limitations of the corrugated material.


custom wood crates

Craters & Freighters Pensacola understands that some items require crates, boxes or containers made from wood for added protection during handling and shipping. There are numerous crate, box, and container styles and variations. Wooden crates offer more strength and more protection than corrugated containers can provide.

The style of wooden crate we chose is based on the load weight, dimensions, value, and characteristics of the item that the crate is expected to handle.

The structural components of a wooden shipping crate can vary based on the weight and dimensions of the load. Additionally, internal wood structures might be required, such as load bearing members, saddles and supports.

Another critical factor we consider is the securement of the item into the crate or box, or onto a skid or pallet. There are several methods for accomplishing this task, and a few of them are; bolting, blocking, bracing, and steel strapping. Each item being shipped in a wooden shipping container should first have these items evaluated by our professionals, and if required, incorporated into the initial design. Making knowledgeable decisions about the style, the internal structures required, and the securement methods used goes a long way towards the successful shipment of any item.

Wood Crating Solutions:

  • Commercial Crate
  • Industrial Crates
  • Product Specific Crates
  • ISPM-15 Export Certified Crates
  • Re-usable Crates
  • Knock-down Crates
  • Mass Produced Crates
  • Tradeshow Crates
  • Display Crates
  • Military Crates
  • Computer Crates
  • Electronics Crates
  • IT Equipment Crates
  • Moving Crates
  • Furniture Crates
  • Museum Quality Crates
  • Art Crates
  • Antique Crates
  • And More!


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