Custom Pallets & Skids Pensacola

Craters & Freighters can build custom wood pallets and skids for just about anything that needs to be transported. Skids and pallets are an affordable alternative to wood crates for items that don’t require more extensive packaging.


Custom pallets & skids

A pallet is a low portable platform with or without sides used to handle, store, ship, transport and move materials and goods. Pallets or load bases are usually constructed of wood and can be built to any specification in order to support most loads of varying size and weight distribution.

A skid is a platform supported by two or more parallel runners that elevate the platform for lifting with mechanical equipment. A skid differs from a pallet in that it is generally higher and does not have additional cross members and stringers as support beneath the runners. Skids are used to support the load and assist with storage, handling and transportation.


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