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Testimonial - Antiques

"Dear potential customer,    

I buy, sell and ship antiques all over the world and deal with shipping companies every few days.  Craters & Freighters Houston at 6100 West By Northwest Blvd.,Suit 140 Houston, TX 77040 phone (713)467-6311  these people where the fastest, most polite and professional that I have dealt with anywhere in the world.

I know it sounds over the top but they are the best I have ever dealt with.  It felt like I was talking to a friend that truly cared about me and my concerns; this is something I have never felt from a shipping companies employees before. I needed the quote for bidding at auction today and the quote I got after calling was 30 to 40 minuets later.  That is fast.  They said they would get it to me quick and they did!

The quote was also the best price for what I am getting.  Crating and shipping is not cheap but they somehow came up with a perfect price. When I ship from my location, doing my own crating and shipping I could not provide a better price and that also says a million. There is nothing they could do to improve what they do; and that again is a first.

Craters & Freighters Corporation is the top of the industry and can be trusted to handle any shipping needs.

I feel privileged to have them handle my shipping needs."

Kindest regards,


“The Nashville Craters & Freighters people were on-site, pleasant and, very importantly, on time. Craters & Freighters handled my antiques with special care knowing how sensitive the paint was and the impact any scratch could make on the final value.” The furniture was delivered on schedule to Lisa’s home in North Carolina. Craters & Freighters unpacked the crates with the same attention to detail they had exhibited when they built and packed the original crates. “My blanket chest and cupboard looked exactly like they did in Nashville. There was not a scratch, dent or mark. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t even a speck of dust on either of them. They were perfect!” Americana Antique Dealer, North Carolina

Testimonial - Household Item

"Hi Jenna - The cabinet did arrive in good condition at the receiver’s in Florida. I was very happy with your service throughout the process. I loved that you followed up with tracking info. I recommended you to Lynne in my office, and she has coordinated some pick-ups and a delivery to Washington DC through your office." Thanks again! Kim

Testimonial - Appliance Shipping

"Hello, I purchased a Large Chef style Viking range off the internet last week in Los Angeles, CA , for a price I could not pass up. Now I needed to get the range out of the seller’s house packed so it does not get damaged and onto a semi truck that will delivered to my house 2,200 miles away in Columbus, OH. I called 4) moving companies, but none of them will ship. I them called 2) shipping companies, but they will not pick up or move the item. I even tried to put both a mover and a shipped on 3-way calling, they were laughing at me. I remembered a friend telling me that he used Craters and Freighters once for an over sized high dollar piece of artwork. Well I sure didn’t have a high dollar piece of artwork or a large budget to make this happen. I went ahead and called Craters & Freighters- LA location and asked if someone could take 2 strong guys and a truck to the sellers house load the heavy stove, take it back to the shop and pack it to ship and send it to me 2,200 miles away. Once I explained what needed to be done I was starting to worry about how much all this was going to cost. The rep on the phone said “Sure we can do that” but maybe not until tomorrow. The rate I was given was half the price it would have cost me to get a one way Coach class airline ticket to LA from Ohio. I said you are hired and went about my business. Well today I received a phone call letting me know that my stove was going to be delivered. I was filled with excitement and rushed home to meet the truck. I was expecting to see a stove on a pallet with some clear wrap on it, well I was very surprised to see that my new to me store was packed better that it probably was when it came from the Viking factory. The staff at Craters and Freighters -LA took the time to pulled every loose part off and pack it to insure a safe arrival. The stove itself was wrap in plastic, lined with foam and covered with thick cardboard. This thing was packed so well it could have been dropped from the empire state building and still survived. I was more than impressed with the professionalism of the staff, the speed of the service, the care for my item and the overall value. After spending the last 2 month working on a kitchen remodel and dealing with nine painters, Three tile guys and countless plumbers. This had to have been the easiest part of the whole remodel. Thank You Crater and Freighters-LA I am no longer afraid to purchase large items off the internet as long as there is a Craters & Freighters locaton near by."

Testimonial - Sensitive Electronics

"About four years ago, the Craters & Freighters in Omaha approached West about assisting in the packing and shipping of West’s systems. “The Craters & Freighters franchise owners were former employees of West, which initially helped them get into the door, but it is their responsiveness and quality of service that has kept them there. We have grown together,” said Hybner. “Many of our servers cost more than $400,000. Craters & Freighters comes to our site to pick them up, pack and crate them, track their travels and take care of things at the other end. When our clients see a Craters & Freighters box arrive at their site, they see the quality packaging and attention to detail that they would expect from us,” explains Hybner. “Craters & Freighters offer alternative solutions and recommendations on the most economical ways to ship things.” adds Hybner. “We ship refurbished monitors worth about $150. By thinking ‘outside the box’, Craters & Freighters found a way to repackage the monitors to make it more economical to ship them to customers.” Hybner summarizes West’s experience with Craters & Freighters by saying, “Craters & Freighters fill an important niche by providing unique services from their materials to packing to shipping. They can do it all. They have all the pieces of the puzzle.” West Corporation

Testimonial - Multiple Locations

"Dear Diane, I am writing you this quick email because I feel it is important to give compliments to business that deliver service to the customers as promised. I am very impressed with your company and the customer service. Quick synopsis I have shipped from four different locations of Craters and Freighters items to arrive in California. The items are not easy items to pickup package and ship as they are mostly glass/mirrored vintage oddball items:). I have attached pictures of my shipments. I would like you to know that it started with my first shipment from Florida. Jessica Brandon and Cecil Rowe along with Joe but first contact was with Jessica and she assured me my fretwork credenza would be just fine. It arrived here without a problem and I have come back for more!!! I will just list the wonderful people I have had the pleasure to assist me with all my pickup/crating and shipping needs. I would love to speak with you to let you know that your business is a true gem these days with customer service and careful packing and ALL AROUND EXCEPTIONAL!! Thank you for being detailed toward your customers needs and it is extraordinary to have a consistent pleasant experience with 4 different locations with items that are hard to ship to say the least." Thank you, Becky Gibbons

Testimonial - Industrial Crating & Logistics

"You and your staff were absolutely awesome! Your providing me with the pictures of the unit taken during the uninstall process helped me immensely. It enabled me to hire the proper company to install the unit and will assist greatly during the reinstallation process. The level of service received by your company is above what a freight company normally provides! Also, when we had a last minute change to the ship to address, your staff accommodated the request at a reasonable price without interruption to the delivery date. Thank you for the professional, high quality service you provided." Debbie S. Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

Testimonial - Fragile Valuables

"Hi, Liz! Just wanted to let you know that my mom in AZ and I (in GA) both received our shipments yesterday without a hitch. All the furniture and fragile valuables were expertly packed and crated. There was not so much as a chip or crack in anything--all items were in perfect condition. The way that you and the rest of the employees in your office handled our shipment was impeccably professional throughout the whole process-- pricing quotes, insurance, scheduling pick up, packing/crating the items, and securing transport for 2 delivery locations on opposite sides of the country. I especially appreciate that you were able to work with my extremely tight time constraints due to my travel schedule, in which you were able to schedule the initial pick up the very next day after I placed my first call to your offices. This was a wonderful experience, and I thank you and your whole team for making these shipments possible." Regards, Megan Ball

Testimonial - Complex Shipping

"You can’t put a price on confidence and Craters and Freighters handles all details of complex shipping needs with efficiency, refreshing friendliness, professionalism, and exquisite attention to detail. After finding out we needed a fragile item shipped to Europe with only two days’ notice, we were desperate. We frequently use other large-scale shippers, but based on past experiences that were unpredictable and quite messy, we knew we needed to explore other options. Additionally, we needed a custom crate built to ensure that our item arrived in mint condition. Jenna Adisa, their Operations Specialist, is dynamite. She is delightful to work with, follows up and through, listens to every need presented by her customer, and lays out options with accurately priced quotes. We couldn’t believe she was able to pull off our request and this truly could not have been a more positive experience." Remington Designs

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